Frequently Asked Questions

Event/Party FAQ

Do you deliver?+

Yes, we do! Please give us a call for our most currant rates: 908.359.3663.

When do you deliver?+

We love to deliver your rental items at least one day before your event - this gives you plenty of time to set up your event and handle any issues that may arise. We also ask that you be on site when we deliver to accept the order to confirm placement, counts, and condition of rental items.

Where do you deliver?+

Well, we’ll go everywhere! We’ll go anywhere in New Jersey and even parts of New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. For most events at home we deliver to your garage or back patio. For our business clients, we deliver to the ground floor or to your loading dock. If you need us to deliver somewhere other than the places mentioned, we will be most happy to do so but there will be an additional cost.

Please fill out our Contact Us form so we can customize a quote for you.

Do you set up?+

Yes, we can! However, this service is not included in the delivery price. Please call for our most current rates: 908.359.3663.

What do I need to do for pick-up?+

Please make sure that your rental items are PROTECTED from INCLEMENT WEATHER. You do not need to be home when we pick up but rental items need to be accessible and protected. Please make sure that all tables are taken down and all chairs are stacked. If you rented tableware, please make sure all items are rinsed free of food and drink. All linens need to be free of debris and put into our linen bag.

Can I pick up my rental items myself?+

Of course! Save yourself some cash and come on down! Just make sure you have a big enough vehicle to transport your loot! FYI – Due to insurance regulations we cannot load items into your vehicle but we can assist you. COUNT, COUNT, COUNT – we are a stickler for this! When you do pick up your order, you must verify the count of your rental items.

How long can I keep my rentals?+

All customer pick-ups (will-call) are available for pick-up the afternoon before your event and returned the day after. Since we are closed on Sunday, all Saturday rentals are due back on Monday at no charge to you!

Do I need to return my rentals clean?+

Think of it this way – do you want to put it in your vehicle dirty? All tableware needs to be rinsed free of all food and drink and linens need to be free of debris. All gas cooking equipment needs to be drained or brushed clean of food. If you have any questions as to what you need to do to prepare your rental item(s) for return, don’t stress! We are here for you so please give us a call.

When should I place my reservation?+

This is the million dollar question. Most of our items are on a first come, first serve basis – the sooner you know what your needs are the sooner you should place your reservation. If we have an item in inventory for something you need today, it’s yours!

Do you require a deposit when I place my reservation?+

While we do not require a deposit to place a reservation, some items do require a non refundable reservation fee – this fee is then applied to your balance. Contact Us to find out all the details.

Is there a God?+

Of course there is! What kind of question is that?!

Your brown chairs - what color are they?+

Um, okay. Don’t laugh, this is a question we get a lot! No question is too outrageous for us! Go ahead, try and stump us!